Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless Heating and Cooling

If you are looking for a way to cool your home efficiently, whether it be one room at a time or the whole house, you may want to consider ductless air conditioning in Philadelphia. Ductless air conditioning, also known as split system air conditioning, is an effective way to give everyone what they want when it comes to being comfortable all year round.Engel Air Conditioning can help you install ductless air conditioning in Philadelphia. Our trained cooling specialists will help you choose a system that is right for your home, contact us today to find out more.

Ductless Air Conditioning in Bucks County and Philadelphia areas.

Ductless air conditioners provide cooling to your home without the need of ducts. These systems offer many advantages, including the fact that you can have zoned cooling and heating by placing units in the areas where your home needs comfort the most. Here are some reasons you may want to consider having ductless air conditioning in Philadelphia installed:

Efficiency – Split systems can save up to 30 percent when it comes to energy usage, this is due to the fact that you only cool the areas you are currently using, rather than a whole house.

Individual Control  Since split systems have different units throughout your house, you can set different temperatures throughout your home. This is perfect when you have someone that spends more time in one area of the house and prefers that area to be a little cooler than the rest of the house.

Brand name reliability – Engel Air Conditioning sells and installs brand name air conditioning systems with a written manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Year Round Comfort – Most ductless air conditioners or split systems provide both heating and cooling from the one unit, there is no need to have two separate systems to meet your year-round heating and cooling needs.

Better Air Quality – Since there are no ducts to gather allergens and mold, ductless air conditioners are often a great choice for those that suffer from asthma and allergies.

Installation  Installing a ductless system does not take the same amount of work it would to install new ducts in a home, this makes installation a lot more efficient.If you are looking for a way to cool and heat your home efficiently, contact us today at 215-364-3522 to find out more about ductless air conditioning in Philadelphia.

Ductless Heating and Cooling in Bucks County, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties

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