Air Conditioner Installation

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  • HVAC Installations: Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties

As your air conditioning unit gets older, its efficiency can decrease dramatically, causing it to become noisier and require repairs more often. If you’re currently spending money on frequent repairs for a heating and air conditioning unit that’s 7 or more years old, replacing it with a new, more energy efficient HVAC unit might make more sense and will definitely lower the cost of your utility bill.

If you think it may be time to replace your air conditioner or furnace, schedule a FREE in-home consultation and we’ll send out one of our comfort specialists to give you an estimate on the cost of installing a new furnace or air conditioning unit.

Our comfort specialist will go over the best options for you and your family. We give you choices to fit your budget. If financing is needed, we have a few different ways to help. We specialize in residential replacement and retrofit heating and air conditioning.

It is very important that the comfort system you are going to purchase that it is installed properly. If there is no attention to the details of your installation, the equipment may prematurely break down or need to be replaced.

The importance of the installation is as important as the equipment purchased. To many times an air conditioning contractor will be just happy to be awarded the installation and not have the ability or training to install the equipment properly.

Many companies do not service your installation after the install is done. This is called hit and run in our business. We have a complete service and installation division to ensure you are covered for any service or yearly maintenance without waiting.

Ask us about indoor air quality, water heaters, air filtration, extended service plans.